Why should I buy from Speedy Barcodes?

Speedy Barcodes is a legitimate barcode number issuer.

All of the numbers we sell were issued by the Uniform Code Council (UCC), currently known as GS1, and all of the numbers were issued prior to August 28, 2002.

Speedy Barcodes sells legal and legitimate barcode numbers.

All of the barcode numbers SpeedyBarcodes.com sells were originally issued by the UCC, known today as GS1, and were issued prior to August 28, 2002. That date is important because that is when GS1 US started sending out renewal notices demanding that past prefix holders pay renewal fees and agree to the new terms and conditions. Eventually, a class action suit was filed against GS1, in the State of Washington, and GS1 lost. All prefix owners prior to August 28, 2002 became discharged from any of GS1's renewal fees and a new codified agreement. The settlement agreement indicates that if a prefix holder paid a membership fee to the UCC prior to August 28, 2002, the prefix holder will be entitled to perpetual membership in the UCC and not be obligated to pay annual renewal fees to the UCC, either now or in the future. Also, the Terms and Conditions of the original ownership agreement with the prefix holder and the UCC was deemed null and void. All of the barcodes sold by SpeedyBarcodes.com are included in the terms and conditions as stated above and therefore, all of our barcodes are legal and legitimate.

Speedy Barcodes has been verified and approved by George Laurer.

George Laurer developed the Universal Product Code (UPC) in 1973 when he was an engineer at IBM. His website, Authenticated UPC Registration Directory, has a list of companies that he has checked out and verified that they are selling legitimate barcode numbers.

Our website is fully automated.

This means that you can place an order at any time, day or night, and your barcode package will be ready for you within minutes! You do not have to wait for us to manually process your order.

We offer the lowest prices for barcode numbers on the Internet.

We have a vast amount of barcode numbers in our inventory and we feel that they should be priced low enough that they are affordable for everyone.

Your barcodes will never expire.

There is no expiration date. They will always belong to you.

There are no renewal fees.

You pay for your barcodes once and that is it. There are no additional fees and no hidden costs.

There is no registration needed.

There is not a master database where you are required to register your barcode numbers. You will provide your barcode number and your product information to the retailers where your products are to be sold.

No product information is needed.

You do not have to tell us what products you will be assigning your barcodes to.

Speedy Barcodes keeps an up-to-date database of all divided barcode prefixes to ensure than no barcode numbers are ever duplicated.

Information such as the name that the barcodes are transferred to, purchaser's name, company name, address, telephone number, email address, and any other pertinent information.

We have sold millions of these barcodes without any issues.

We guarantee our numbers.

I still need help! Can a Speedy Barcodes representative help me?

Our experienced customer service team welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your unique situation. Call us now! Toll free (888) 511-0266.

Our Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm MST and closed on weekends. You are welcome to leave a voicemail or you can send an email to Sales@SpeedyBarcodes.com and we will get back to you during our regular office hours.