New to Speedy Barcodes - How to Buy Barcodes?

New To Speedy Barcodes?

1. If this is your first time making a purchase with Speedy Barcodes you will need to set up a free account. At the top of the page, click on Register and complete all of the required fields. When finished, click the blue Register button at the bottom of the page.) If you are a returning customer, click Login at the top of the page and sign in with your email address and the password that was used to set up your account.

2. Determine how many barcodes you need. Remember every time you change something about your product (color, size, scent, shape, quantity, etc.) it becomes a different product and needs to have a different barcode number. You can always buy extra barcode numbers to have on hand since they never expire.

3. From the Home page, simply click on the Buy Now button next to the quantity you would like to purchase.

4. Verify that the quantity is correct and if not change it to the quantity you would like to purchase and click the Checkout Button.

5. Next up is the Checkout page. In the top left is the Order Review. Please verify that the quantity of barcode numbers you are ordering is correct. If it is not, you would need to hit the back button to make any revisions.

6. To the right is the Certificate of Authenticity. This is your proof of ownership. Enter the name as you would like to appear on the Certificate. The barcodes you purchase will be assigned to whatever name you put in this box. You can use a personal or a company name. You MUST put a name in the box.

7. Verify the billing address is correct. This must be the address where you get your credit card bills or the address you set up on your PayPal account. If you do not put the correct address your transaction will be declined.

8. Click on the box to accept the Terms & Conditions. You can click on Terms & Conditions if you would like to review them before accepting.

9. Click the Process Payment & Complete Order button. Once your order has been successfully placed, you will automatically be redirected over to your account center on our website. If you leave the page open, you will be able to download your order within a matter of just a few minutes.