How do I purchase barcodes from

It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

1. Go to the “HOME PAGE” of If you are a new customer, then you would need to register for a free account or if you are an existing customer, log into your account with the email address and password that was used to set up your account.

2. Click on “Buy Now”, enter the quantity needed, and click “Checkout”. You will then be directed to the Checkout page. Review that what you are ordering is correct, enter the name you want to show on your Certificate of Authenticity (remember, this is your proof of ownership), verify that the address is the billing address associated with either your credit card or your PayPal account. Select your payment type and complete the appropriate fields. Hit the button at the bottom to complete the order and process the payment.

3. After you place your order you will receive an e-mail to let you know that your barcode package is ready for download in your account center at This is where you will be able to get the digital images of your barcode numbers in EPS, JPG and PDF formats and the Excel spreadsheets.

What do I do after my order is complete?

Go to My SpeedyBarcodes Dashboard.

Click Download Order.

Save the zip file to a place on your computer where you will know where it is at.

Once the file is saved, locate the file and extract it. If you did not change the name of the file it will be named as your order number.

Inside the unzipped file there are some PDF documents. There is your Certificate of Authenticity, a Read Me First document, a copy of your invoice, a Where to Purchase Your Barcode Labels document, and a Digital Barcode Order Price List for your review. There are also two files: EAN-13 and UPC-12. That is where your barcode artwork (images) and barcode number(s) lists are located.

EAN-13 – This barcode format is only to be used if your products are physically being sold outside of the United States and Canada.

UPC-12 – Can be called UPC-12 or GTIN-12 files. This barcode format is only to be used if your products are being sold in the United States and Canada. This is the preferred format for selling products online through websites.

In both the EAN-13 and UPC-12 folders there are three folders labeled as EPS, JPG, and PDF. These files are where you can find the digital barcode artwork.

EPS – Professional graphics program that you will not be able to open unless you have a professional graphics program. Give this to your graphic designer.

JPG – This is for you to visually see the barcodes that you purchased. You can also use this file for your printing needs or to import into your label artwork.

PDF – This is for you to visually see the barcodes that you purchased. You might be able to use this file for your printing needs.

If you happen to make a mistake and use the EAN-13 instead of the UPC-12, it should work everywhere because of the Sunrise 2005 Industry Initiative. As of January 1, 2005, all North American retailers and trading partners that scan Universal Product Codes (UPC) should have expanded the data structures associated with the UPC to a 13-digit field length to process EAN-13 symbols.

The Certificate of Authenticity is included. This is your proof of ownership. It also means that your barcodes are unique, only one of its kind and your barcodes are for your sole, exclusive use.

The UPC and EAN lists are provided to you in both UPC and EAN formats. The Excel and PDF spreadsheets contain all your numbers and check digits, the last digit (UPC 12th & EAN 13th). The PDF Spreadsheet is permanent and cannot be modified, but the Excel spreadsheet is perfect for you to use to create your items list for your vendors or retailers. You will need this list to give to your resellers (retail stores). The list should include, but not limited to, your assigned barcode number, product description, your selling price, your suggested retail price and any other pertinent information that would be useful to the wholesaler or retailer, such as colors, size, etc.