When I purchase barcodes from Speedy Barcodes, am I buying a company prefix?

No, you are only purchasing barcode numbers. If you want a prefix assigned to your company, then you have to go to the company that created those numbers, which is the non-profit company name GS1. Years ago, a prefix that was purchased from GS1 was called a manufactures number and it was only 6 digits long. Today, if you want to get a prefix and have it registered in your name it still must be obtained from GS1, but now the Prefix can be anywhere from 6 digits to 9 or even 10 digits long, and they cost between (approximately) $250.00 to around $10,500.00 or higher. Plus, you have to pay their required annual fees of $50.00 to $2,100.00 every year until you stop using your numbers. These figures are not accurate, but close because GS1 bases all charges on how many barcode numbers you want and the size or sales volume of your company. The prices are also constantly changing.