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All of your barcode numbers. You will be able to download them directly from your Speedy Barcodes account within a few minutes!
Both the UPC (for the United States and Canada) and the EAN (for the rest of the world) formats of your numbers for the same price.
A Certificate of Authenticity. This is your proof of ownership. It will show that Speedy Barcodes has transferred ownership of the barcodes you purchased from us to you or your company.
An Excel and a PDF spreadsheet of your barcode numbers. You can customize this spreadsheet to provide your company and product information to all of your vendors or retailers.
Digital barcode images for all of your barcode numbers in JPG, PDF and EPS formats automatically included for no additional charge. You can use the images to create your own labels or for printing directly on your product packaging.
No hidden charges or fees. Once you buy your bar codes that’s it! There are no renewal fees, no membership fees, and your barcodes will never expire.
We offer the lowest prices on the Internet. Our 115% price match guarantee is unmatched!
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115% Price Match Guarantee.